Monday, January 30, 2012

Amy's 1st Birthday!!!!!

Amy turned one and I think she might be the smallest one year old
She only weighs 16lbs and is 27in we still love her though.
For her birthday we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner and they have you sit on a saddle.
Then home for presents and cake and ice cream
Even though this little girl it tiny she can eat like a horse.
She ate half of her cake and didn't even bat an eye.
This little girl has come so far in one year.
I can't wait to see what next year brings.

Saturday, January 28, 2012


We had a very great Christmas this year together with family.
on Christmas Eve we spent with my family we decorated cookies for Santa
Then Played races and snag Christmas songs. After burning some energy we sat down and read
the birth of Jesus Bryce was a Shepard. After they got to open PJ's.
On Christmas Morning we got up and opened presents. Bryce had a blast with that this year.
Amy loved the wrapping paper and eating it.
We got ready for church and went to Sacrament and then off to Derrick's parents.
All the kids opened presents at the same time and it was mad chaos but fun.
We enjoyed dinner and then got home for some much needed sleep after an early morning.

Winter Swimming

Winter swimming at our house usually means going
out back to Grandpa's hot tub. He knows to keep the temp down
and all the grandkids love spending time out there.

Bryce turns 3!!!!

Bryce started his day off sporting on of Amy's bows
the day was hot enough that he got to play outside.
Then we ordered pizza since that is his favorite.
Bryce is really big into Cars this year so he got some of the cars 2 stuff.
He also got the movie.
then cake and ice cream and a dip in the hot tub.
It still amazes me how fast the time goes and how he went from this tiny bundle to the wonderful boy he is now.


So this year on Halloween Derrick worked and I had to take the kids around all alone.
Bryce was a Cowboy and he had spurs and a rope and gun.
Amy was a butterfly and very warm at that.
They did pretty good and Bryce walked the whole way.

The gateway

We decided to do something fun and went to the Gateway Mall
We had fun just walking around and we ate at Joe's Crabshack before
but I think Bryce's favorite was playing in the water fountain.

A missionary

Derrick's sister Sharise left on her mission in September to San Antonio Texas Spanish speaking.
We are so proud or her and Bryce remembers to bless her every night in his prayers.
This is her getting ready to go to the MTC.

The Beach

Our annual Beach trip went well and both kids enjoyed themselves.