Monday, October 5, 2009

Camping/Deer Hunt

We went camping again we tried to brave it even though I wasn't sure after the last time. Derrick wanted to go on the deer hunt with his brothers this year just like every year and I decided to tag along since Carrie was going with Chris. We got up there and the wind blew the first day it was awful. It did stop by the time we went to bed but it was really cold. The first night was a little rough to start with but turned into a pretty good night with Bryce. The second he slept for twelve hours in his own bed and never moved. I was worried if he was staying warm enough but then decided he would wake up if he wasn't. He did awesome the first day was hard I think he was just trying to get used to it but we made it and the second day was a ton better. Though the boys didn't get anything we still had fun and got to spend some time away from the really world for a few days.
The beautiful view
Cleaning the guns

Chopping wood

Halle and Ethan were watching so good.

Derrick and Chris figuring out how to start the 4 wheeler

Little 4 Wheeler big guys.

Bryce loved rides with his dad

Derrick didn't take those pants off the whole time.

Bryce braving the wind.

Bumps and Bruises

So my mom was watching Bryce one night and she was out at my sisters house
Bryce was sitting in a booster seat when he decided to get in a fight with the
table. As you can see here the table won. but he hasn't learned yet that tables are hard and keeps hitting his head on them. Part of having a boy.