Tuesday, September 13, 2011

4th Of July

This year my family decided to run the 5k freedom run
we made it in alright time and felt better for doing it.
then we walked down to watch the parade with Derrick's
family both kids liked that and Bryce loved these tractors.

Thanksgiving Point

We went with my friend Christina and Brooklyn to
Thanksgiving Point to the petting Zoo. Bryce and Amy did
well and had tons of fun. Bryce loved riding the ponies.

Amy growing, Bryce playing


We colored eggs at my sisters.
Bryce enjoyed throwing the eggs in the color
then he drank some of the water too.
We did an Easter hunt in the morning.
Bryce was more concerned with eating candy then
finding eggs but we still got him to find them.

Bath Time

Since having two kids bath time has gotten a little
interesting. I don't have Derrick at nights so I usually
let Bryce play while I get Amy washed and dressed and
then I leave her on our bed while I get Bryce washed. One kid
is usually crying and its exauhsting but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

You got EGGED!!!

A neighbor decided to "egg" my parents house.
Bryce had a great time cleaning up.

I love to see little things like this
I caught Amy sleeping this way one
afternoon and had to take a picture.

Amy's Blessing

Amy was blessed on March 29, 2011
She was really good and it was a great day with all our
family and friends around us to support us.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Yes I am behind

On January 25 our little girl came. I was off to the doctor and for my 37 week appointment after i passed my kidney stones when the doctor noticed my blood pressure was up. So he sent me to the hospital to get monitored and then to run some tests. After four hours sitting in the hospital waiting for the results the nurse came in to tell me that the doctor had decided that I would be staying the night in the hospital and then they were going to deliver the baby the next morning due to pre-eclampsia which I had with Bryce also. So I only had time to go home get Derrick and and pack a bag. I didn't even get to say goodbye to Bryce because he was down for a nap. Meanwhile my mom was taking my oldest sister to the doctor because she dislocated her knee while skiing with her kids. I spent the night in the hospital and then early in the morning Amy Hopkins was born 6lbs 11oz 20in. She did great. Me on the other hand was very sick from the drugs. Shannon was leaving with her family back up to Idaho and wanted to come see the baby but they had to come in the morning so while I was throwing up everything my family was coming in to see our new baby. I appreciated that they came and I eventually got a little better but it was an interesting 24 hours.