Thursday, July 23, 2009

Halle's Birthday Party

Halle had a Birthday and it was fun. We went to the park and had hot dogs. The kids had fun playing in the stream that was going by. Derrick and Chris played catch. Bryce had fun playing on a blanket and then in one of our camp chairs. I love having the summer and going to parks just to be outside.

Backyard swimming fun!!!! My parents put up a pool and have a hot tub in their backyard and we love spending time out there. Bryce loves being in the pool with my dad. Its like he is my dad's little buddy. He gets to swim with Zac and Melissa a lot too. They help keep him entertained.

Fourth of July

Well we had a blast on the fourth of July we went to the fair on Friday night and ate good food. Then Saturday morning we went to the parade and died in the heat. Then spent the afternoon at home while Bryce took a much needed nap. That night we went to Derrick's aunt and Uncles house for a bbq and to watch the fireworks from the Stadium of Fire that is right behind their house. Bryce loves fire we found out that night. It was a fun day all around.

Bryce loves to eat but he also loves to make a mess. So I thought I would post some of the funny pictures we have of him eating.

Seven Peaks

So we went to seven peaks with the cousins and had a blast. Bryce seems to love being at the pool and in the water its very calming. Anyway to the right is Zac and Kaitlyn age two and one is Shannon's and one is Stephanie's.