Saturday, August 29, 2009

Oregon Coast

So we went to the Oregon coast and had a blast we went to a million places and saw things that I had never seen before. I got in the freezing water just to say I did but couldn't catch any waves because they were breaking out to far for me to get them. We got to go to the newport aquarium. Bryce loved it. We also went to a bunch of beaches and had a blast going to play in the sand and hunt for sea shells. It was hard because I was really sick for a lot of this trip but I had a blast too. Derrick had a lot of fun. We got to go crabbing off the dock in Bandon and Derrick is actually really good at. Plus it was right up his ally. Bryce got to do alot and loved going the places he is a go out and do stuff type baby. All in all we had an awesome summer plus fun doing our trips.

Bryce got into the cheerios while I was doing my hair he was so proud of himself.

Four generations with Derricks Grandpa


Bandon was the place we went to shop.

Bridge we drove over

Taking pictures keeps Bryce happy.

Peeking around dad to look for me.

Some scenery pictures that were along the way.

He was too tired to do anything.

Seals Rock

South Beach Park

Outside at Newport Aquarium.

He got a present.

In the Shark tanks.

Looking at the Seals.

Newport Aquarium

Bryce was up way to late.

Huge fire

We got to do a bonfire on the beach.

Only crab they caught that they could keep.

Derrick is actually pretty good at this.


Crabbing off the dock.

Bryce in the sand with Ethan.

San Francisco

He resorted to sleeping the car to pass time

Derrick driving over the Golden Gate bridge.

Rain Forrest cafe Bryce loved a lot!

Pier 39 Aquarium

Alcatraz in the back round.

We also got to go to the Oregon coast so on our drive up there we stopped in San Francisco also.